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  • 2019-03-26 11:56:53
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Baccarat game system with jackpot function and method thereof


The present invention relates to baccara game system and method equipped with the jackpot function for the jackpot winning being made according to the card pattern of the game progressed with the game state of table and history information of the participation player and inducing the lively participation about the game while it participates in the physical table managed by the dealer like the casino and it in fact plays the baccara game and have the effect that the jackpot function is more provided to the baccara game in which the direct players participates in the Baccarat table physically arranged within the casino and which is progressed. The participation player who is not batting price uses part among the drop amount of money changing cash into the chip as the jackpot jackpot and the batting price for the combination of card and baccara game the jackpot winning are automatically determined among the drop amount of money of the participation player, the level, and the baccara game as the information. In that way the drop amount of money and the batting price increase which does not affect the rule or the use batting price of the progressed baccara game are induced.


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