Baccarat Tournament with Doltori V 1.3

Non- Cashable Remote Baccarat Tournament OTT Service (Youtube, Kakao, Wechat, What’s App, etc) based broadcasting type of Video streaming Baccarat Tournament Android App based VIP targeting streaming Tournament Wide Area Baccarat Tournament DIY Social Baccarat Streaming Service

Cashless Table “Lucky Twins Baccarat “

5 sets of TIB (Table Interface Board with Touch Screen 12′) 5 sets of Player card readers ( Magnetic or RFID) Electronic Shoe ( Bee, Angeleye, ishoe, MSK, Auto Dealer Robot) Score Board Display Leader Board Display Dealer Pad (touch screen 7′) Camera (Screen Tournament, Remote on-line Betting) Embedded Player Tracking (Comp Point Balance, Account…


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